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Pyongyang, North Korea: The Mansudae Monument


Mansudae Monument in Pyongyang, North Korea

Korea_1105_mansudae-monument_평양직할시_平壤直轄市_P'yŏngyang Chikhalsi_Pyeongyang Jikhalsi_평양_

“It’s like Mars with people,” says William Altaffer of Expedition Photo Travel, who has visited Pyongyang four times.
Tourists are told to keep a respectable distance and bow in front of the 20-meter-high bronze statue of previous dictator Kim Il Sung.
Only after doing so are visitors allowed to take pictures–then these are checked to make sure the leader is portrayed in a positive light.

Always a matter of  perception.

Mansudae Grand Monument; Pyongyang, DPRK (North Korea)_29. April 2010_John Pavelka from Austin, TX, USA_ Grand Monument; Pyongyang, DPRK (North Korea), April 2010. Photo John Pavelka.

Bronze statue of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung erected in 1972, along with the neighboring museum, in honor of President Kim’s sixtieth birthday.
The Grand Monument stands at 20 metres (about 65 feet) in front of a 70 metre mosaic of Mount Paektu (Changbaishan).
For any visitor to P’yŏngyang, foreign or Korean, this is the first destination upon arrival in the city. One brings flowers to the monument and pays a respectful gesture.
Mansudae Grand Monument (Pyongyang «P’yŏngyang»)


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