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Nicaragua: Basilica Catedral de León


The Cathedral of León, also known as the Real e Insigne Basilica Catedral de León Nicaragua, (Real and renowned Basilica Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) is a significantly important and historic landmark in Nicaragua.
The Cathedral was awarded World Heritage Site status with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Cathedral of León, Nicaragua, biggest Cathedra...

Cathedral of León, Nicaragua, biggest Cathedral in Central America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The roof of the Cathedral is a great place to get your bearings – $2USD will get you access to a bird’s eye view, including the Plaza filled with craft stalls.
Most every restaurant and building is hung with vibrant local artwork and bookstores abound.

Painting inside Cathedral of León, Nicaragua, ...

Painting inside Cathedral of León, Nicaragua, still unrenovated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Centro de Arte Fundación Ortíz-Gurdián is the best museum in the country, with a collection of 16th and 17th century art set alongside modern art in a restored hacienda.

Ramiro Yona_Penetración_1144344817_Cesar Perez (44)_ Yona – Penetración. Arte Latinoamericano – Centros de Arte FOG – casa derbishire

The Pacific Ocean is a short 10 minute drive away, offering beach front dining, while watching surfers ply their talent.

Street in León, Nicaragua

Street in León, Nicaragua (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

León is a department (state) in northwestern Nicaragua (5,138 km2). It is also the second largest city in Nicaragua, after Managua. It was founded by the Spaniards as León Santiago de los Caballeros and rivals Granada, Nicaragua, in the number of historic Spanish colonial homes and churches.
As of 2005, the city had an estimated population of about 175,000 people which increases sharply during university season with many students coming from other Nicaraguan provinces. It is the capital and municipality of the León department.

León is located along the Río Chiquito (Chiquito River), some 90 km northwest of Managua, and some 18 km east of the Pacific Ocean coast. Although less populous than Managua, León has long been the intellectual center of the nation, with its university founded in 1813.
León is also an important industrial, agricultural (sugar cane, cattle, peanut, plantain, sorghum) and commercial center for Nicaragua.
León, Nicaragua @ wiki


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