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Namibia: The Brandberg Intrusion


The Brandberg Mountain, Namibia’s highest mountain, is located in Damaraland, in the northwestern Namib Desert, near the coast, and covers an area of approximately 650 km². With its highest point, the Königstein (German for ‘King’s Stone’), standing at 2,606 m (8,550 ft) above sea level and located on the flat Namib gravel plains, on a clear day ‘The Brandberg’ can be seen from a great distance.

Brandberg_Mountain_Panorama_A view of the Brandberg Massif from the South at sunset._El Macizo Brandberg visto desde el sur en el ocaso._August 2000_Joel Holdsworth_ view of the Brandberg Massif from the South at sunset, August 2000. Photo: Joel Holdsworth

The Brandberg Massif or Brandberg Intrusion is a granitic intrusion, which forms a dome-shaped massif.

In the western interior of the massif (Naib gorge), a 2 km in diameter body of pyroxene-bearing monzonite is exposed.

A monzonite is an intermediate igneous intrusive rock, i.e. formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava.

The origins of the magmas that formed the Brandberg intrusion are related to emplacement of mantle-derived basaltic magma during continental break-up which led to partial melting of crustal rocks resulting in a hybrid granitic magma.
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