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Ethiopian maid publicly abused in Lebanon takes her own life – video
An Ethiopian domestic worker who was filmed as she was attacked in public outside the Ethiopian embassy in Beirut has taken her own life. The video, aired by Lebanese television, has caused outrage in the country, where reports of mistreatment of domestic workers are common. The woman’s employer, who was seen trying to bundle her into a car, has denied beating her.

* Warning: video contains violence

Alem Dechasa, an Ethiopian migrant, was beaten in the streets of Beirut by men who allegedly worked for the company that recruited her in Lebanon. Later she was found dead in hospital, having apparently killed herself. Alem’s partner, Lemesa Ejeta, explains why he cannot bring himself to tell their two children that she is dead

The video, first aired by Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) last week, caused outrage by showing a man abusing Alem Dechasa as she cried on a street outside the Ethiopian embassy in Beirut.
Activists in Lebanon, outraged by the video, posted the man’s contact information on internet social media sites and called for action against him.
Reports of domestic worker abuse are widespread, with many allegedly locked in employers’ homes.
Rola Abimourched, programme co-ordinator at KAFA (Enough) Violence and Exploitation, told Al Jazeera that Dechasa’s case may increase scrutiny into the problem.
“This case may indicate the larger issue of migrant domestic workers’ vulnerability to abuse in Lebanon, which puts the whole system in question. Namely, the sponsorship system which ties the domestic worker to one employer and does not guarantee her basic human rights,” Abimourched said.
“We hope that an investigation into her death will determine what happened.” w/ comments

DUBAI: An Arab housewife rushed back to a domestic service hiring office in Abu Dhabi and requested a replacement of her Filipina housemaid, fearing her husband could be attracted by her good looks.

The unnamed woman told the office that the maid she has just hired “pays too much attention to her appearance, cleanliness and make- up,” according to the Arabic language daily Alittihad.

“She told us that she does not want a housemaid of this type as her husband could be attracted to her,” the paper said, quoting the office’s manager Nuhad Al Laji.
Lahore Times

Filipina maid accuses sponsor, grandson of rape in Kuwait
(MENAFN – Arab Times) A Filipino maid filed a complaint at Sabah Al-Salem Police Station, accusing her sponsor and his grandson of raping her in a desert area, reports Al-Rai daily.

Police will summon the suspects for interrogation.

Kuwaiti couple gets death for killing Filipina maid
Kuwait City – A court has sentenced a Kuwaiti couple to death for beating and then murdering their Filipina domestic help.

The criminal court found the disabled husband and his wife guilty of “premeditated murder” after throwing the maid from their car and driving over her, Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa dailies reported, citing the verdict.

No names were published in the reports, for the couple or the maid.

Newspapers said that based on testimony by one of the couple’s sons, the wife beat the maid for days until her health deteriorated.

The boy told interrogators that his parents had said they were taking the maid to hospital for treatment, but that he never saw her again.

According to the ruling, the couple took the maid, who was “unconscious” at the time, to a remote area in the desert where they threw her from the back seat of the car and then drove over her until she died.

About 73 000 Filipinos – 60 000 of them women working mostly as maids – live in oil-rich Kuwait, where around 600 000 domestic helpers, mostly Asians, are employed.

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian has been sentenced to eight years in prison for abusing his maid, three months after his wife was jailed for scalding the woman with a hot iron.

A. Vealu, a grass-cutting contractor, was convicted of exploiting a 26-year-old maid from East Java, who was found with burn injuries after being abandoned by Vealu and his wife last year.

A district court in northern Penang state passed the verdict Friday but Vealu, 42, was not jailed immediately and is pending appeal, the New Straits Times reported.

His wife, S.M. Poongavanam, was sentenced in May to eight years in jail after she was found guilty of grievously injuring the maid with an iron in September last year.

The maid, who was discovered by a roadside, had also accused Vealu of repeatedly raping her.

Abuse cases, especially of Indonesian maids who make up the brunt of domestic helpers in Malaysia, have frequently surfaced in recent years, and led Indonesia to stop sending maids to Malaysia for two years.

About 170,000 women work as maids in Malaysia, according to the Malaysian Association of Foreign Maid Agencies.

Earlier this week, Tenaganita, a migrant labour activist group, called on Cambodia to stop sending maids, who have filled the void during the Indonesia ban, until Malaysian laws are changed to better protect them.

The call follows news reports on the recent death of one maid — though police say she was not abused and died of pneumonitis — and the alleged abuse of another, including having her head shaved bald.
Lahore Times

“The Cambodian government is well aware that recruitment agencies subject prospective workers, including children, to months-long confinement in overcrowded training centres, charge exorbitant recruitment fees, and harass them about repaying loans,” said HRW’s children’s rights research fellow Jyotsna Poudyal.

Earlier this year, local rights groups said a woman broke both her legs after falling from a balcony in an attempt to escape a training facility in the Cambodian capital.

Dozens more have complained of having their passports confiscated upon arrival in Malaysia, the country that takes in the vast majority of Cambodian maids.

They also said they had to work without pay and were physically or sexually assaulted by employers.

Rights groups estimate more than 50,000 Cambodian women are employed as domestic workers in Malaysia, while a far smaller number has also sought employment in Qatar and Kuwait.
Lahore Times

UAE, Kuwait, Qatar face ban on Filipino maids
According to media reports from Manila on Friday, the deployment of household service workers (HSW) to Kuwait, the UAE and Qatar could grind to a halt after the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) recommended a ban.

Filipino maids are currently subject to a separate ban from Saudi Arabia after the kingdom said it was seeking new sources for foreign workers.

The Department of Labour and Employment said it had made the recommendation after the three countries failed to comply with Republic Act 10022 or the Amended Migrant and Overseas Filipino Workers Act of 1995, Manila newspapers reported.

According to Section 3, the Philippines will allow deployment only if the host country has “existing labour and social laws protecting the rights of workers”.

Household service workers make up a big portion of the eight to 11 million Filipinos working overseas.

Mistreated Filipino maid stabs Kuwaiti youth several times in revenge

KUWAIT CITY: Police have arrested a Filipino housemaid for stabbing a Kuwaiti youth several times inside her sponsor’s home in Jaber Al-Ali, reports Al-Shahed daily.
The youth has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in the area. His condition has been described as critical.
According to reports during interrogation the maid admitted to stabbing the youth. She said she wanted to take revenge because the family was maltreating her.
A case of murder attempt has been registered against the maid. She has been handed over to the Public Prosecution.


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